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Two-Story Home

How do I install gutter guards on a two-story home?

Our expertise is in the relationship between our gutter guards, the gutter, and the roof shingles. Due to variations in every structure and its surroundings, we are unable to provide specific details on what safety measures you need for your installation. However, please ensure you take all safety precautions when working on your gutter (and roof) including but not limited to an adequate safety harness, scaffolding or a boom, where necessary. If scaffolding or a boom are not an option for you, then an extension ladder with a ladder standoff stabilizer may be an option. Please also be sure to secure and stabilize the footing of the ladder as well as following all other ladder safety guidelines. IMPORTANT: Please contact us further if you have fragile roof shingles that may not support the weight of a ladder standoff stabilizer for additional clarification. Note: A ladder standoff stabilizer, like the Ladder-Max, can be purchased from an online retailer and may be also available in some retail locations.