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Will moss grow on the stainless steel micro-mesh?

Moss will grow on anything, except copper and zinc for the most part, so the answer is yes. Moss can grow on any gutter guard and roof. There are several types and brands of moss fungicide products available at nursery and hardware stores.

Though we are sharing some information on moss control products, we do not endorse or guarantee the performance of any of them. Here are a few links that provide some possible solutions:

Lilly Miller Moss Out

Wet & Forget

A good way to determine if moss is going to grow on your gutter guard is if moss is already growing on your roof, then it is possible that it will grow on the mesh as well. There are a couple of gutter guards that use mesh on the market that claim their ‘mesh’ doesn’t allow moss to grow on it, and that’s not true. Unless the mesh is made of copper, or maybe has some type of zinc coating on it, then maybe it won’t allow moss to grow on it.