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Inside Corner Overspill

There is rainwater coming over my inside miter (inside corner) gutter from the roof valley, what do I do?

STEP 1: A great way to clean off your gutter guard (or any gutter guard for that matter), is with the use of The Gutter Guard Brush. It’s designed to clean off any gutter guard without having to get on a ladder or roof. You just screw this special brush on the end of any standard extension pole, then from the ground, just reach up and brush it off. For more information and where to buy, visit

If Step 1 is not sufficient, try Step 2.

STEP 2: Install a perforated rainwater diverter to help break up and dissipate the rainwater over a wider area rather than at one point. Our rainwater diverters are made out of aluminum material, perforated with small round holes and attaches to the end of your roof valley just above the stainless steel micro-mesh.

However, the diverter will collect debris behind it, so at some point you would need to clean that out. You may be able to reach the brush up there and scrape some of it off. Cleaning behind the diverter is very infrequent. The diverter will significantly reduce the amount of brushing needed on the mesh.

If Step 2 is not sufficient, try Step 3.

STEP 3: If your roof is so steep and slick, whereby the rainwater races down like crazy to the inside miter point, chances are there is nothing out there that will be able to disperse that amount of fast running rainwater in a satisfactory way, not even a diverter.