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Rainwater is dripping over the edge of a straight run of gutter, how do I stop this?

STEP 1: Evaluate your gutter guard installation. You need to ensure you retained between a 5 and 25 degree forward slant (positive slope) on our gutter guard once installed and ensure you have the front edge of our gutter guard lay flat on the front edge of your gutter. If not, a gap between the underside of the front edge of our gutter guard and the front lip of your gutter can cause rainwater to run over the gutter.

If Step 1 does not apply, then try Step 2.

STEP 2: Look on top of the mesh and see if there is any debris on it, generally the first cause of rainwater coming over the gutter is because there is a lot of debris on the mesh. It really varies, but sometimes trees can shed tiny debris during certain times of the year that may cause rainwater to drip over the edge of the gutter. Generally speaking though, the combination of wind and rain blows off most of the debris.

Because of your topography, if your home is situated in such a way that wind and rain doesn’t offer the benefits of blowing off most of the debris, you may have to lend a hand and clean some of that off from time to time.

A great way to clean off your gutter guard (or any gutter guard for that matter), is with the use of The Gutter Guard Brush. It’s designed to clean off any gutter guard without having to get on a ladder or roof. You just screw this special brush on the end of any standard extension pole, then from the ground, just reach up and brush it off. For more information and where to buy, visit